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First Time Blogging

March 30, 2013

Hello my name is JMA2286 and my life has led me to become a “blogger” at an interesting time.

America the Beautiful, as people used to call it, has become an authoritarian state disguised as the global force for freedom. I have worked most of my life in restaurants, helping support a system that has its workers indirectly brainwashed into profitable livestock that serve a single purpose that outweighs all others – make their owners money. I cannot honestly say that it has been an entirely negative experience, as I have learned quite a bit of Spanish in that time (este idioma y los mujeres son bonitas increibles :)), been given opportunities to lead others, and to learn how corporations are from the inside. I recently have decided to leave that part of America, which I am going to call the New Plantation, because I see no honor in living that life and supporting the disguised enslavement of good, honest, hardworking, yet gullible people.

I am going to format each of my posts in an organized way – an introduction, a thesis setting out three points that I will go over, and a conclusion wrapping it all up. They will be longer posts than usual, and I am going to work at finding as much supplementary material to the posts as possible, from sources I think are honorable.

Today I am going to go over my goals for this blog and, in conjunction, my life post New Plantation. These goals are the promotion of public accountability accessible in real time for all organizations public and private, the promotion of the Golden Rule as the basis for all law in the world, and to speak about any and all subjects that help make our world better.


Public accountability of an organization is probably one of the scariest things you can bring to anybody in charge of a business, country, bank, church, or social club. They know that what they are doing, under a microscope of any kind that reaches people, is not going to be perfect and certainly not good for “business” if it isn’t kosher.

Let’s think about that for a minute – what if the Department of Homeland Security, who just bought a ton of ammunition:, was required to explain why they bought it? Would they have made that decision? What if the Communist Party in China was required to have every department show detailed minutes of their meetings in all departments? Would they have murdered so many of their citizens? What if Monsanto Corporation was required to show detailed records of every product they have and what their effects are?

Public accountability of any organization is not good for business, but great for the people, if not incredible. Nobody wants to live in a world where your views will get you killed, where your food is going to poison you, or where you don’t know who your true enemies are because of how disguised they are. Public accountability is a way to address and fix this. I argue that if records had to be kept on the activities of all organizations that are required to be public and for information distribution to be publicly audited for its capacity to do so, we would have the immediate resignations of every authoritarian on the planet by next week.

This is the best quote I’ve heard on this concept of public accountability:

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” Henry Ford

Do I want a revolution? Not a violent one, but yes. The question then becomes what do I want to replace our government with? This is a good start, but is definitely not the best

While the Constitution for the United States, and all others in the world, certainly aims to promote freedom and responsible leadership, public protection of privacy is one of the biggest reasons, in my opinion, why these freedoms and responsible leadership have been perverted and corrupted. Nobody who wants to limit or eliminates these virtues do so publicly and honorably, just as a robber who has a gun that faces a shopowner with a gun himself runs away. Public accountability is the best weapon against tyranny I have ever seen, and that is illustrated by the global force for public accountability that has changed the world drastically – the internet.

Wikileaks, heroes like Bradley Manning, and bloggers who promote subjects of spirituality, youtube pages that provide inspirational videos, music, and alternative news are lifting the veils that took thousands of years to trick most people into thinking were the right way to do things. In only a tiny fraction of that time. The astonishing efficiency with which information is getting out is terrifying everyone with something to hide and its only getting worse for them.

What better way to protect that which we consider to be sacred virtues than exposing and holding accountable anybody who threatens them, and recognizing people who promote them?

The solution to this is simple – make part of citizenship as a member of any nation include the responsibility to bring to the public attention any and all matters you deem important to the well being of others. Imagine the things employees of DARPA, Rand Corporation, the CIA, NSA, ATF, and Homeland Security would bring forward, if they are brave enough! That revolution that Henry Ford spoke of would come, and anyone wanting to rule over such an informed population would have to have some pretty significant moral fiber and a very thick skin.


My next point is the application of the Golden Rule as the basis of law on the planet. This one is so simple it’s stupid, and yet so flawless in its application. Do you want people to spy on you? No? Then don’t do it. Do you want people to make money off of you without telling you how they’re doing it? No? Then don’t do it. Do you want someone with a gun telling you to not have one yourself? No? Then don’t do it. Do you want someone to kill you for some sick fetish? No? Then don’t do it.

This concept would work in conjunction with public accountability to make everything brought to public be examined by the question posed to all who participate of whether you want this done to you.

The outrage that would come forth as the information flooded about the deceptions in banking, espionage, business, corporate law, would both expose and protect from in the future these actions by people collectively realizing that they do not want this done to them and that there will be consequences if they ever do this to someone again.

It is not enough to stop perpetrators from the one action they took, you have to have people look inside to find and eliminate the criminal within. The Golden Rule flawlessly executes that – anyone who violates that by doing to somone what they wouldn’t want done to them is so easily found guilty it would literally make the “court proceeding” take 5 minutes at a time.


Judge: Do you, George W. Bush, deny that your executive order to begin the military invasion of Iraq and its people adversely affected, on measurable levels, the state of well being of that area of the world?

George W. Bush: No, I do not.

Judge: Would you wish for these effects to be performed on you?

George W. Bush: No, I do not.

Judge: You are hereby found guilty of violating the Prime Rule, we will now meet to convene regarding an appropriate response for your actions.

Think about how this can be applied on so many levels of society – would business owners who pay their people less than half of what it would take for them to afford rent, bills, and enough time to be with your children be ruled for in this situation? Would espionage organizations who participate in assassinations be protected? Would advertisers of Roundup be protected for infecting gardens with difficult to kill weeds?

The judicial systems of the world would be made so simple and easy that way. Nobody would be “immune” to the law, regardless of religious, national, or socioeconomic affiliation. If you make life hard or painful for others, you are in violation. That even goes down to something local like someone who plays really loud music at 2 AM. The application is universal!


Getting the word out about ways we can bring this out and other good things in the world is what I’ll be doing most.

My views are about as minority as the term can be – I know that it would take an incredible amount of effort to craft a society that is willing to accept public attention for everything it does and even more bravery for a judge to be an arbiter of accountability and responsibility on such a basic and spiritual level. I do not think we have the capacity to do this yet.

I have done things in my own past that I know I would not want done to others and I have no shame in admitting that. I would be honored to be considered for that kind of work, but would I be qualified? Not yet.

I tend to be drawn to science, spirituality, public exposures of tyranny both overt and covert, uncovered history, video games (a guilty pleasure), women of valor, cases of courage, honor, and heroism in society, and music like this:

I’m tired of misery and helplessness in society. I want to bring good news to anyone who wants to hear it, see it, and to feel it in their souls.

I hope my views have been made clear and that my intentions are honorable. That is all I can hope for in life in a sense that matters to me. I don’t care if I am rich, poor, cool or awkward, attractive or feo, I just want to have one thing.


Everything else is what’s on sale. You cannot buy or sell honor you earn it, which is a lifetime of hard work, or lose it, which is easier than breathing the air around you.

I am going to end all my posts with a quote about what matters most to me that time:

Reputation is what other people know about you. Honor is what you know about yourself.
Lois McMaster Bujold

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