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Goddess Energy and a 13 Year Old Prophecy

May 23, 2014

I follow the blog nearly every day and see so much truth in Cobra’s message.

I was thinking about the Goddess Energy he has spoken about for years the other day, and one of my favorite stories literally described the concept right back to me and shocked me into being totally useless for about 30 minutes.

My dogs were staring at me like I was crazy when I was bawling.

The previous post about Humanity’s Theme was what started it, remembering that game’s story and the character in the video I’m linking is who I got hit by as a representation of Sophia/Isis.

Aeris, as she’s called, is the last surviving member of what are called the Ancients, a people who safeguard the planet they live in harmony with and are an advanced etheric and spiritual people. They embody selflessness, nature, and can even communicate with the spirit of the planet when it finds that communication necessary.

Aeris fell in love with a great warrior whose carefree spirit was being manipulated by a global corporation into being an enforcer who fought for their interests, but managed to do great things in his time on the planet. Things that got him killed by that corporation to cover up experiments that they had conducted that he knew about and witnessed personally.

She was seperated from her Twin Flame, as it were. The two were blissfully happy around each other, and only sad when they knew they could not be together for periods of time. Her spirit inspired him and she was the last image he had in his head when he died. It took an entire army to kill him, his training and experience making him a veritable demigod, on his way back to the city where she was waiting for him. It was really sad 😦

When he died, the Planet told her in its way and she mourned him in her sacred place – a run down temple in a polluted slum that she was growing a garden in, despite the biological odds.

Her Twin Flame did not entirely die though. He left a legacy – a young man who was not as strong as he was, but who he protected without question and treated as a brother despite having to work a bit harder to help him along. They suffered together and despite this warrior’s best efforts, his legacy did something amazing that he could not – slayed a frightening and powerful man internationally known as the greatest warrior of the time.

This affirmed his confidence in this kid who got sick too easily. They were captured and experimented on, however, and while the experimented didn’t affect the warrior, Zack Fair, it paralyzed and put Cloud Strife, his legacy, into a vegetative state.

After stopping another evil that threatened to bring chaos to the world, an experiment gone wrong, Zack was killed trying to reach his other half and Cloud was miraculously spared the same fate, thought to be dead in his former state.

When Zack, Aeris’ Twin Flame, died, however, Cloud awoke from his slumber and witnessed his mentor and friend’s death, with Zack pulling his head to his bleeding chest in honor of his friend, telling him to live with honor. Cloud was crushed, the trauma adding to yet more trauma he had already endured, and would take time to recover from, but the seeds were planted.

Which brings us to Cloud as Zack’s etheric link to Aeris.

Cloud became someone else in his mind – a combination of Zack’s strength and honor with his childhood dreams of being a cocky asshole who was the best at everything and reminded everyone of it.

He joins a freedom fighting group called AVALANCHE, helps them commit an act of terror, which he appears not to care about, a metaphor to how humanity acts out, but begins the process of realizing who he is. He meets his childhood crush and friend, who sees something is wrong but can’t figure out what. She represents one aspect of Sophia, the Divine Feminine.

Aeris is met soon after, in the same place she had seen Zack die in her mind, a refuge for refugees, a holy place in a polluted city that can only be described as Hell. Cloud’s bravado and act starts to fall apart, though. Something about Aeris is overwhelming, which becomes one part attraction in him, but another the effect that someone spiritually advanced has on us all.

Aeris, this setting’s representation of Sophia, was healing him by simply being there. Her mere presence was helping a man totally screwed up from A to Z in his very being back to his natural place in the world. Of course, her talents with magic helped too but that’s more of the video game aspect than the story XD

They escape the city after being pursued in an operation they pull off that shows them much about this corporation and the world at large, when Cloud sees “proof” that Sephiroth, the Unnatural Oppressor, is alive.

Cloud tells his warped and distorted story of his life, which Aeris could have told him was wrong but did not. Cloud’s childhood crush and friend, Tifa, did the same. Hers and Tifa’s wisdom in letting Cloud sort out his problems and memories gently and supporting him in facing his agony proved to be yet another example of the Goddess Energy to me. Healing and supporting, not overbearing and interfering. They realize that the lost can only find their way with guidance, not being forced.

Their journey became even more difficult, as his agony was quickly becoming a crisis as their pursuit of Sephiroth was beginning to have even more worse global implications than just a dangerous man on the loose. Aeris learned about her ancestors, and that her people safeguard a powerful defense mechanism of the planet in the event of another forbidden magic being used against it.

Cloud’s agony was worse than just something she had to behold and help as gently as she could – he was linked to Sephiroth and could be controlled by him. Cloud was forced into attacking her, to which their friends stopped him, he went unconscious, and she fled to the only place she could go to help – the homeland of her people in the far north.

Cloud woke up after he had a dream of Aeris, who was, like the Goddess, entirely forgiving and positive to him. Cloud, like we as a lost humanity, felt like he didn’t deserve to even know her, much less be forgiven by her and that he was afraid he would betray her if he tried to help. I still choke up when I think about how he beats himself up at that point – I do it all the time.

His friends are upset but understand, leaving him behind until he gets his courage back to join them. He reaches her in the homeland, and before he can say anything to her the control comes back again.

He fights, and stops himself from killing her, but when he pulls back Sephiroth jumps down and impales her with his sword, taunting Cloud and then leaving, his mission accomplished. No one could stop him now it seemed. The Aeris death scene is considered one of the most shocking moments in video game history. I remember being 13 years old when I saw it and crying on the spot. I might have yelled at the TV too lol. Upon reflection of Goddess Energy, represents to me the Unnatural Oppressor (Sephiroth) severing our fragile link to the Goddess (Aeris), and feeling like it is our fault as Humanity (Cloud) who couldn’t stop it.

Everyone in the group is devastated by Aeris’ death. Part of all of them died that moment.

The rest of the journey, as one would expect is incredibly dark. The corporation runs roughshod, Sephiroth teases as he leads them to his lair, and chaos was rampant as Sephiroth’s plans came into fruition, manipulating Cloud even further into giving up the final piece of the puzzle needed to not only revive his original body but give him the weapon needed to siphon the energy of the planet. He needs it to return to the stars and conquer like his alien “mother” did.

Sound familiar, Cobra and friends?

Earth, humanity and its limitless energy a lost hope of a fallen warrior culture at the end of their celestial journey?

After tricking Cloud, he is broken completely. The deceptions lead him to believe that he is an accident, an experiment gone wrong that doesn’t deserve to live. His friends have to break his catatonic body out of the corporation’s clutches, and they try to get help for him but he appears terminally ill. By some miracle, however, a disaster in the village he is being cared for in opens up a hole to the ether of the world. This ether and its connection to life itself allows him to remember who he is and reclaim the strength that allowed him to slay this “God” Sephiroth even before he had the physical strength of the warrior he is today.

His mind was fragmented and incomplete, but the combination of Aeris’ influence, Tifa’s own Divine Feminine energy as she helps him remember who he is in the “Lifestream” or the Etheric Plane as Cobra describes it. The music and tones they use there are agonizing to hear, like pulling a nail out of your foot, but once it’s done and Cloud gets a little more time to heal, he emerges victorious and ready to fulfill his destiny.

Humanity, personified by Cloud, faces his tormentor, the Unnatural Oppressor, Sephiroth, inspired by the Goddess who “died,” Aeris, and whose strength comes the union from his Divine Masculine, Zack’s motivation, and Divine Feminine, Tifa, whose love for him and his for her realized.

Aeris, for her part, never really died, just in body. She lives on in the Etheric Plane, the Lifestream, and as Cloud finishes his journey, which includes a bad ass cutscene of him skewering the “One-Winged Angel” in personal combat, she joins in his efforts to fulfill her ancient people’s duty and protect the planet from the Oppressor whose time is expired.

It should also be noted that Sephiroth’s “mother,” an extremely ancient alien who is excavated and used for the experimentation that created him is like our own invaders. Quiet, lethal, manipulative, and defies all natural law and harmony in favor of power at other’s expense. It can be said she was working through her “son” to revive herself as well as Sephiroth’s plan to for self-revival, since the precedent was already set of death being no obstacle for their kind.

Aeris’ effect is shown yet again at the end when the polluted city of the now distant past lies buried by trees and vibrant life, with another character, whose lifespan spans millennia, celebrates the triumph of purity and nature over the confused recklessness of the former version of Humanity.

This scene of the distant future does not show a human in it, but a world almost alien in prosperity and vigor where the “great human city”, a literal crater of dust and pollution surrounding it in the story’s timeline, is like a rainforest/jungle in its new state.

If humanity exists on that world, which can be safely assumed that it is, then they live in harmony with nature and still thrive. Maybe they live both there and on other worlds, as is our destiny. That they didn’t reclaim that city and rebuild it shows that they have at very least become a more enlightened people.

The developers of that game have changed since then. Their future games reflected much of the American influences they saw as their independent studio became a corporation, which has had its issues with the same problem all corporations have in weighing the shareholder return on investment against putting your heart and soul into something.

Granted, they recently have bucked their recent trends by rebuilding a game that was poorly received and was literally reborn in an almost entirely positive way. The guy who was in charge of the project has no history in business whatsoever, but is a long time video game player who apparently was passionate enough to speak to the souls of the people in charge of the corporation. Interesting time to be the only gaming company who owns up to their shortcomings and works to regain the trust of their fans back O.O

This game, which is called Final Fantasy 7, tells a story of our planet’s and our species’ awakening and defeat of our tormentors.

I believe, especially since that this game happened about a year after the Congo invasion, which was described as a terrible event in a big way multiple times by Cobra, that whoever wrote this story had some understanding of what was going on. He also mentioned that the Resistance Movement has made their mark on some forms of media, and I’d really like to know if Square-Enix, Squaresoft at the time of the game, had any RM members active.

It fits all too perfectly. Sophia through Aeris, the Invader species, Cloud being so PERFECTLY described as our human history and our future, the Divine Masculine and Feminine, mankind’s spirituality lacking his capacity for technology, the populist agony shared by much of the team, the wonder and curiosity of space… it is one of the best experiences one can have on a video game.

Anyway, enjoy the music and maybe Cobra or someone else with that kind of awareness can elaborate on my goofy interpretation of this video game XD


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