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The Senator’s Speech

May 23, 2014

“Ladies and Gentlemen.”

The Senator peered out at the crowds of people. Estimates had the horde at somewhere between ten and twelve thousand people, all clamoring for their ideals and dreams. He spoke to their hearts and ignited their passions, but as endless as the tide seemed, the Senator also knew that this number of people are but a tiny fraction in a nation of hundreds of millions.

“We have gathered today to celebrate another step in our pursuit of freedom and liberty!”

The roars of the crowd were a false hope, but one that was pleasing nonetheless. The unfortunate reality is that freedom and liberty had been bought with the blood of their ancestors and sold by their lost children long ago. They still roared and would for, he guessed, another 20 to 30 seconds. They loved him like a son, a father, and a friend all at once, but he knew they were placing too much hope in him.

“Our children fight in wars we cannot win, are bored in schools who cannot teach, and are doomed to work in jobs that do not pay. I don’t know about you, but I’m pissed off!”

His southeastern accent was charming to his constituents, but a challenge to the rest of the nation who generally viewed Southerners are backward rednecks. The Senator was different though. Every man and woman in the nation knew the soul of what he was saying, and nobody really cared what he talked like. He was telling the truth and calling out the problems of the nation, not telling half truths and promising too much or outright lying.

The nation has been transformed completely over the course of its history. The former colony, out of sheer need for survival, had developed effective methods of apprenticeship at the local level to support communities, were well-versed in their protectorate’s laws, and studied the economics and trade of the past nations to the east at the political level. They were evolving as a people, with the opportunity to with impunity because they were not surrounded by other empires and mercenary armies. They lived at peace with their native neighbors, again, out of the need to survive.

They were so evolved that despite colonial status, were able to secure the wealth of the colony in greater quantity for their people, not only the protectorate. They were so effective in their defense of the colonial economy that they could resist when the protectorate demanded more from them. Their independence war, however was expensive and devastating, while also forcing the new nation to honor new debts. International interests bombarded the nation from all sides, seeking to change their unacceptable course in order to secure the unlimited potential of the landmass they now owned. The battles throughout the early years of the nation were brutal, but their defense against invasions by eastern oligarchs to take command of their currency was the battlefield, not armies after two failed attempts by the greatest of the eastern empires.

These invasions were not conducted by force, because the new nation protected their people’s right to bear arms. This had long since dispatched any notion of invading the nation through a military and generals. Their society had locked down their eastern coast, making invasions from the nation more like a wilderness to the north too expensive. To their south was a rival empire’s colonies who their former protectorate had warred with for hundreds of years, so any attempts to fight through that corridor would be impossible.

In order to corrupt the nation, they needed to corrupt their society.

“It has been too long since we led the world in so many ways as we did in the past. We were the strongest, smartest, and most cultured people in human history! Now we just kill people abroad and put our own people in prison!”

The young nation held off these quiet invasions and fought the attempts to strangle their economy through what the eastern empires called central banking. This process of consolidating the wealth of a nation and placing in control of “experts” had turned the lands that bore the protectorate the nation had freed itself from into a war zone. Nations went into debt from the loans these central banks provided, and the interest charged had forced action to be taken to seize assets to make up for the ever-increasing return on the loans. Centuries of history and culture were burned and destroyed at the hands of the greedy and manipulative.

The new nation wanted nothing to do with it, but knew that as they prospered, their people would become complacent in the face of that enemy who had all the time in the world to wait. Their enemy was few in number and easier to organize than their nation and its ever forgetful people. Generations would pass and their caring for the east would diminish as they did not see them or talk to their people. It was too distant from them, the ravaged eastern people’s problems and their enemies.

Time would prove the weakness of the brave nation, and the warriors who defended them grew fewer in influence. This enemy was patient and wise. They funded endeavors that provided aid to the nation, helped settlers explore and form new communities in the western frontier. They sent their agents as immigrants and settlers, bringing their philosophies and practices to the nation over time, rather than bluntly hitting the nation in such obvious ways as planting Senators and Presidents. Victory was certain, they just had to wait.

“We bicker among ourselves about the colors of our skin, the money we think we have, and the cars we drive but what about bickering with our massive bureaucracy?! What about bickering with the corporations who laugh at our national interests as they pollute our political process?”

This enemy was not content with simply planting agents and being patient, however. They needed to spread chaos. This nation was growing too fast and defying them too effectively.

The world had been, for a very long time, indifferent to the laborers of their nation. Fealty was accepted, as was ownership of lesser or conquered peoples. Labor had never been expensive to most of the nations of the world because it was an accepted practice to force a percentage of people to do what was needed. It was seen as a stabilizing influence of a nation, and a business opportunity that was thriving in the southwestern part of the eastern world. The practices they entailed, however, were horrific – families torn apart by slave acquisition and shipping, villages burned by rival lords to assert their position. Long had philosophers and idealists spoken against them, and while this practice was stabilizing it was far from perfect.

What better way to break apart not only this upstart nation but destabilize even more regions with the destruction of slavery? This nation’s prosperity and victory over natives was expected, but they could not afford the risk of a nation this large who was in full control of their destiny. They had ravaged the Far East, demolished the Near East, and their plans to destroy the Great North were well under way.

The popular support for abolition would be atmospheric, and the stabilizing influence of feudalism and hierarchy would be rendered impossible to maintain. Slaves and serfs do not have to be paid – small local businesses and communities would be faced with an existential crisis, while slave owners who were not in this sphere’s control would be bankrupted. The assets of these former slave owners would be easily obtained and they would be hated, making recovery from their bankruptcy incredibly difficult. Their character as a former slave owner would be tarnished, and it would be simple to corrupt their replacements, who were not wealthy or cunning enough to have become wealthy before.

The people of the world would become ever defiant of the nation-state and government itself, whose stabilization through “tyranny” and dogma were their only hope of any semblance of order.

“Not since the Civil War has this nation been so divided. Every branch of government is dysfunctional and we owe more debt than any nation in history! This insanity has to stop!”

The chaos brewing in favor of abolition boiled over when it was clear that the southern states were being threatened in every possible way. Their slaves were being stolen and snuck out of their plantations, political opposition was growing, riots on the streets of their northern opponents’ nations to do something about it, and the example of the internationally famous People’s Revolution, among other nations fighting their oppressors inspired this generation to rid itself of all forms of tyranny.

When the southern states declared their independence, rather than their economy being destroyed by idealism and their understanding of their eastern enemy’s plans all to familiar to them, it was the end of this nation’s self-determination. Wealth from their eastern conquerors of the coin was poured into the Union armies as they laid siege to the new Confederacy. The war could have been decided very quickly with the superior technology and sheer numbers of the Union, but these conquerors did not want a quick war.

They wanted this nation to be in shambles.

They helped fund the southern states’ military efforts, and their agents fomented states’ rights paranoia among the governors of their states into believing that their central government was going to infringe upon their economy further. They had just broken off of the United Nation, so it was easy to characterize their new central government as just as intrusive, especially through forged “secret meetings” and other lies used to trick the Confederacy into dividing itself at its most critical juncture. The process of infiltration by their eastern enemies was incredibly thorough. This civil war was a masterstroke.

Four years of unlimited carnage ensued, and the devastation was enough for the rest of the world to be just as shocked as the nation’s people were, who were led to believe that the war would be over within months, not years. The length of time was such that even their former protectorate and their rival had almost conquered the two divided parts the former nation, and only stopped by the still powerful Great Northern nation and their navy, aiding the new nation because they knew how important their independence from the eastern tyrants was, just as they treasured their own independence from the same.

Unfortunately, this Civil War and the Reconstruction that followed it destroyed that independence. Forever.

“Most of our politicians are bought and paid for folks. Why else do you think your children can’t get jobs despite graduating from college? They can’t open any businesses because it costs more to open on here than anywhere else in the world! It’s madness!”

The nation now destroyed, and the president of the Union who tried to pull a fast one on them eliminated, their grip of the people was quickly tightening around unsuspecting necks. In a period of time of only 40 years, three of the presidents of this nation were killed, and any that weren’t were either forced into complying with their new masters, or enjoyed their patronage. They passed legislation that made every man, woman, and child a new form of slave, a “citizen” who had the “right” to pay all debts incurred by their government without question.

And debts piled up to enormous degree ever since.

The South had to be shown the error of their ways by, as planned, bankrupting the slave owners and all their wealth seized. Any Confederate government officials were unable to run for political office, unless they made clear that they wanted to aid their new masters in consolidating power. This began a wave of a new attitude in the South, which was gradual but ended up assimilating the once defiant and influential culture of Virginia into the fold. The repurposing of the South, rebuilding infrastructure, rounding up any traces of the Confederacy, crushing resistance, and indoctrinating the younger generations to forget the Civil War was expensive. Debts were accrued to pay for this, and the bill sent to the federal government.

At the same time, the wealth of the nation was being extracted through the proliferation of the enemy’s favorite device – the corporation. The royal corporations of their former protectorate were the bane of the nation’s existence, inspired their revolution, and were systematically locked out of the nation throughout its history. Civil opposition to them was almost unanimous throughout the early history of the nation, but after the Civil War, there was nothing that could stop their advance into a battered nation’s helpless economy in need to rebuilding.

Oil, gas, electricity, and transportation were controlled by the new version of the great Near East Company their protectorate employed to ravage the same region in its heyday. The control that these companies and their shareholders possessed made them untouchable to the people, who were now helpless to their now overt manipulations of the national economy and political process.

“Corporations are everywhere around us and are the rule, not the exception. Can you believe that at one point in our history we were actually suspicious of them? Kicked them out of our cities and towns? Tried them when they committed crimes?”

Which demanded more subtlety and a change in course. The enemy had worked far too much to risk an overt corporate authority drawing the attention and rage of the people, so they orchestrated an extremely popular rouse – the Antitrust Act. A political masterstroke, the same corrupt politicians who did nothing to stop the control of the corporations from gaining control of the economy paraded their “dismantling” of them. Publicly, the tyranny of the corporation was defeated before it could even begin, but this Antitrust Act only attacked new shareholders of future corporations.

Privately, nobody who was in charge of these monstrosities had their assets seized or were held to account for previous working conditions or exploitation – they were simply given the ability to make pursuing them even more difficult.

Instead of a single name with a wide scope of power, similar to a nation or empire, the Antitrust Act allowed the shareholders of these corporations to spread their influence out into dozens of smaller companies who were funded by their still massive wealth. They could even own “competitors” and would use that particular ruse to create an illusion of rivalry where none existed, profiting from both.

These “regulated” corporations, now too “minor” to be considered monopolies, formed a network that amounted to the same hierarchy of wealth, but now impossible to connect their collaboration together without infiltration or seizure of records. This veritable army of corporations, all funded by the same few tycoons, banking magnates and any entrepreneurs they assimilated would continue unopposed even today.

“We can’t get them to explain anything they do! They’ve even legally declared themselves people through our courts! They’re LAUGHING at us, ladies and gentlemen.”

The now “weakened” corporations now could fathomably play the victim in the courts as anybody who opposed them were picking on honest businessmen trying to live the Nation’s Dream. They acquired legal personhood during this tumultuous post-Civil War era that allowed them to gain the protections of a “people” of their Constitution. That meant they possessed freedom of speech, leading to endless advertising. They had privacy from search and seizure, which prevented their records from being made public. They had the right to bear arms, allowing them to form private armies. Every right afforded to an individual in America was afforded to the collective of a corporation.

Hell ensued. The worst kind. The one that feels like Heaven but you know is wrong.

“We have been at war for nearly one hundred years folks. Yup, you guessed it. They funded them. Whether it’s a world war or some other contrived nonsense, our nation has been right in the thick of every major war in the last hundred years. We need to stop this bullshit!”

The technological advances of the nation was both the strength of the new Corporate Empire and its weakness. The standards of living in the nation improved dramatically, and the applications of technology they had secured spread throughout the world, granting them nearly unlimited profit and wealth. The people were in euphoria. The new weapons, vehicles, and even flight allowed the Empire to dismantle all of its enemies and place the entire world in a Reconstruction era.

The World Wars ensued, laying waste to almost the entire eastern world, allowing the rebuilding of its ruins and celebration of its victors to change the world dialogue and eliminate any semblance of competition for the Quiet Emperors of the world. None now opposed the Corporate Empire of the West, the Banking Empire of the Island, and the Spiritual Empire of the Peninsula. They only tolerate each other, to this day, but what was a world of variety and culture now became the territories and provinces of only three nations whose sum total of land actually owned was just three cities.

Each of these World Wars saw their Empires consolidate power with feigned opposition between powers they controlled both sides of. The Cross and the Moon religions, both built by the same Empire, were pitted against one another in a Global Crusade. The Corporate Empire had its False Republic pitted against the Banking Empire’s now conquered Great Northern False Equality State, profiting immensely from both nations and all lesser nation’s fears and fighting. All semblance of culture and independence was ravaged by these great nations, every corner of the world attacked and assimilated into the fold of these Quiet Empires.

War and terror raged throughout the Southwestern continent, the Dark continent, and through the Far East, from the mainland to the islands. The Empires’ host states lived in false comfort at the expense of hundreds of millions.

The Quiet Empires continued their experimentation and exploitations, with no end in sight to how far they would go. They polluted food, water, and air. They perverted the human form, created weapons that were invisible, diseases that could infect through sexual contact, and sowed even more chaos by creating divisions between man and woman. They championed minority cultures to further confuse and isolate groups, fragmenting civilization itself into lonely corners, angry at everyone else, and unable to connect to the other sides.

“I wouldn’t be here if not for the strides we’ve made to connect to one another. I went from some guy at the local watering hole who ran his mouth and stood up for his kids to a video getting me voted into office. Beat some moron in a suit to the nice chair. He was so mad; sent me angry letters for about a week after the landslide win. I have served you faithfully for 8 years because of that video. I am now standing before twelve thousand people in a nice suit talking about stuff that actually matters because of that video. I love you people! I love this country! Let’s not waste our chance to save it!”

Hope Remains.

Their technology had betrayed them. Their experiments were backfiring. The truth was becoming clear to them and it brought terror to the hearts of men and women who left their humanity behind long ago.

The Spiritual Empire had kept secrets about the history of man they kept from their upstart rivals and partners, the Banking Empire and Corporate Empire. They knew we were not alone in the universe and that this planet was isolated long ago, quarantined and held captive by oppressors far worse than any of them. They had altered and corrupted the human form, built technologies that had even affected they, the masters of the world, in ways they could not fight. These horrors, who the Spiritual Empire had been granted patronage from, had told them long ago that the time they had on this planet was limited but that whoever maintained their vision for humanity would be rewarded immensely.

That time is coming to a close, and nothing can stop the events to come that will expose them, dismantle these Empires, and awaken Humanity to the truths that will allow them to become something else entirely. All that profit, all that power, all that glory in victory over their downtrodden slaves will be gone. They struggle to this moment. They try to scare people with contrived incidents, blow up buildings they need, and use every resource they can’t afford to spread chaos, but their inventions only speed the process of liberation, not slow it.

They built a computer communications network that went from a military operation to a global interface that continues to expand with no end in sight. The Internet was undoing thousands of years of secrets, generations of profits, and made their network increasingly more impossible to conceal.

This network is exposing murder after murder of inventors, intrigues that have destroyed nations and insulted all others, supressed histories, and spiritual texts. This network is connecting parts of the world that would otherwise raise arms against one other in love and harmony. This network is being used to expose atrocities and to recruit domestic protest movements, political action, and has developed alternative news outlets to report more accurate information than the propaganda arm of the Corporate Empire.

The Internet is destroying these Empires at an unbelievable pace and without anywhere near the loss of life associated with the popular revolts of the past.

No longer will human minds be capable of being so easily tricked and manipulated. No longer will we need the contraptions and frauds imposed on us. No longer will we be disconnected with more than 90% of our functionality. The entire structure of control that allowed these Quiet Emperors to conquer us will be dismantled, and nothing can stop it.

“The media is gonna black out this speech, just like all the other ones. They’ll probably have a reporter with some drunk rednecks Free Birdin it up somewhere in the parking lot. They’ll edit out the cheers and anything meaningful I say, replacing it with something they can make fun of me with. You all know the kind of common sense stuff it takes to fix this crap. I’ve said it so many times and you’ve repeated it even more. You’re not stupid. I’m not stupid. I just talk stupid. But by God we are going to win. It might not be today. It might not be me. But I swear to God we will get our country back. We will get our honor back. We will be Americans again!”

“Thank you for spending your precious time to hear me rant. God Bless America!”

Eleven thousand, one hundred eleven people roar in approval at the University of Alabama for the Senator, with a reporter from Corporate News talking to drunk locals outside a nearby bar about the Senator to get a good series of clips to marginalize the rally.

The ongoing blackout of the Senator and his popularity, especially his status as a permanently viral internet icon, is but another manipulation to hide the real American spirit. The spirit that brought Black, White, Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American, and Indian together to reach a cosmic number together in harmony to celebrate their coming victory.

The oppression will soon be over. When it is, there won’t be any more tricks left to pull, no network of chaos to maintain.

It will be an entire world of truthspeakers and truthseekers. An entire species of heroes and heroines, survivors of a manufactured Hell, and who embody all that is Hope and Courage. The Universe is already in awe of Earth humanity.

Our Chance to Make Our Speeches is Coming.


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