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Final Fantasy 7 and The Remake

October 5, 2014

So I’ve been thinking about this topic, which is a big one in the gaming community. It has been rumored to be in the works for years, and repeatedly denied for years, but has recently been rumored to be in the works.

Final Fantasy 7 was THE biggest game in the late 1990s, put Squaresoft on the map, and was the springboard for the company to become Square Enix as we understand it today. It was a release that showed off the power of the Playstation console and its story, characters, and setting remain video game royalty.

I have been playing it the last couple of days and was absolutely shocked by how prophetic and well written it is.

My theory to why this remake has taken so long to do:

Anyone familiar with Cobra and knows that in the late 1990s there was the Congo Invasion, where a large extraterrestrial military operation took place that set back the progress of Earth’s liberation significantly. During this time, these ETs, who make up the Chimera Group that he has referred to and who are cornered to the Long Island facility in New York, exercised great control over the military-industrial complex.

FF7 paints a very dystopian picture of the world, with a military-industrial corporation having taken over the world entirely. The last great nation fell, there are no other nation-states, and the whole of the economic system is under their direct control. There is a 1984 style total surveillance, their wealth is generated at the host planet’s expense, and their rule is almost unchallenged through use of propaganda, false flag terrorism, and appealing to human being’s desire for an easier life.

After this Congo Invasion, we saw a dramatic change in the culture, arts, government, and military conflicts. 9/11 happened only 5 or 6 years after the Invasion. The War on Terror, Homeland Security in the US, the Housing Bubble, the 2008 Recession, etc. all happened after this part of history.

To keep things in perspective, Square Enix is not shy at all about remaking their previously successful games. The early games have been re-released, remastered into HD, and all manner of efforts have been placed into the historical achievements of this company.

But why have they not remade the one that hit the motherlode?

My TFH theory on it is that they were explicitly told not to by some very scary people who did not want the game, its story, and the setting to be out in the public sphere in the 21st century technology that would have been shocking to most people, especially the new generations who are on the front lines of protest against their tyranny.

The magnitude of the story would have been overwhelming, and my previous posts have explored the reasons why the game is so great and why the writers of the game must have been well-read and informed enough in world affairs.

If the remade, HD, voice acted game actually is in development, which would be a wonderful thing and will be a fantastic moment in video game history, then that is a sign that the diminishing of the Chimera Group, military-industrial complex, the gangster syndicates of the Rothschilds, Bush/Scherf, and the Jesuits is significant. If a game like FF7, which is a direct attack on the NWO from beginning to end, can be made into the kind of cinematic experience we see in much less confrontational later releases, then minds will be blown.

The characters are line-for-line representatives of many aspects of the Earth experience, current and former. Cloud is, with the amnesia and triumph over severe manipulation, an Earth human and the hero within all of us. Aeris is the suppressed Goddess Energy that is such a huge threat to tyrants and manipulators. Sephiroth is the misguided and artificially created Illuminati/Cabal who thinks their power grants exemption from the natural laws, but is put down and sent back to “Spiritual Square One.” Barret is the single parent who is stuck between fighting for what’s right, and being a parent. Yuffie is the nationalist warrior who has turned to crime to try to keep her nation alive when it’s dying. Tifa is a truly positive person trying to find reasons to smile when there are so few. Red XIII is the “red man” Native American inspired “pagan” who just exudes wisdom and is heir to heroism and helping fight for the planet’s wonder. Vincent is a former enabler who wants to use his curse to fight for what is right, like a Cabal/Illuminati mind control victim who broke free and is helping the Liberation.

The Shinra are a mix of evil and showing off the folly of human-designed artificial hierarchy. Natural laws and doing what our instincts and creator have built within is feels better, works out sustainably, and heals us through any hardship. Shinra, the metaphor for our increasingly destructive government/industry, cannot possibly “get it right.” The system guarantees failure. Their desperate plan for “Neo-Midgar” is like the breakaway civilization that is not going to be able to build an empire like the Cabal/Illuminati was expecting. The “Promised Land,” like the warped idea of the Jewish Promised Land, is just a myth that replaced the real message of the Promised Land being within the hearts of an enlightened person or being.

I cannot wait for the Event and for this story to be given the justice that it deserves, hopefully free of the tyranny of commercial profiteering. This game and story is too important to be done half-assed.


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